Presidents Message


Mr. John Ennis

Dear Members,
From the outset I would like to say how proud and privileged I feel to have been nominated to represent Co Meath Golf Club and you, the Members, as President for 2020/21.
Who would have thought, in their wildest dreams, that we would have spent the last few months cocooning, self-isolating and wearing gloves and facemasks as we ventured outdoors. However, it now seems that we are ready to embark on the slow road to normality, the new normality, 2020/21 style and beyond.
Our golf and competitions have been impacted to date and will be for the forseeable future, but I'm confident that both the Men's and Ladies' Clubs will ensure that suitable alternatives are arranged going forward, while staying within the recommended protocols.
I would like to thank all concerned with keeping CMGC functioning during our recent closure. In particular many thanks to the various committees, to Janice in the office and also to our hard-working course staff. I'm confident that as you all return to the greens and fairways (and rough!), your visual experience will be a memorable one (your golfing experience is up to you!).
Finally, may I say that as the year progresses, I would hope to meet and play with as many of you as possible. I wish you and your families and friends continued good health, happiness and great golf in 2021.
Stay safe and Stay well.
John Ennis

President’s Profile
Q: When did you first start playing golf?
A:  Started playing golf in the mid 1970's
Q: What is your favourite course?
A: My favourite golf course is Co Louth.
Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the game of golf?
A: I think the biggest challenge facing the game of golf at present is the aging memberships and the difficulty in getting the 25-40 age group to commit to any one golf club.
Q: What do you like most about golf? 
A: ​ What I like most about the game is the camaraderie, the fun, the enjoyment and the frustration all experienced in just one round of golf. (And the gimmies of course!!!)
Q: What was your highest and what was your lowest handicap? 
A: Highest 22. Lowest 12.7 Left-handed!  (Is it too late to change back??)
Q: Can you remember your best golf shot? 
A: Best golf shot....Hole in 1 at the Par 3, 7th in Co Meath
Q: Can you remember your worst golf shot? 
A: Yes I can remember it well....but I'm not disclosing it here.
Q: Who is your favourite sportsperson? Why? 
A: Robert Rock  (Seldom wears a hat....a bit like myself!)
Q: What piece of advice would you offer anyone thinking of taking up the game of golf or just starting out? 
A: ​ Keep your head down!  And maybe you should also take a lesson or two from Robin!
Q: What is your favourite golfing memory? 
A:  A birdie from 10 inches on the magnificent elevated par 3 4th hole in Macreddin. Almost a hole in 1!! 






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