Mens Captain's Message

Mens Captain - 
Mr. Liam Guckian     (11/05/2020)

Dear Members,

It has certainly been a start to the golfing season like no other, and not exactly what I had in mind for my first couple of months as Men’s Captain of Co. Meath Golf Club. I wanted to introduce myself as your Captain for the year and while it might not be the golfing year we had planned, I am hopeful that in the coming weeks and months that we will all get an opportunity to get back out there and play golf. At this point, I am sure that nobody is worried whether they play well or not - just to be out there is reward enough and the Members deserve to be out there having observed the lockdown so diligently. To anyone that has lost family members or friends over the last couple of months I would like to extend my deepest sympathies. Co. Meath Golf Club is very much a members​ club, a family club, and so we​ all feel it when we or our members lose family and friends.​

​Considering everything​ that is going on in the world today, it is fair to say that golf is not the number​ one priority. That said - it is high on the list and let me reassure you all that the committee are in constant contact with the authorities and the GUI to ensure that we are all up to speed on how and when the course can be reopened. An update will follow on the return to play protocols once we have clarity on the detail. Once we have the course open again we will look to see how we can run our competitions ensuring that the guidance and protocols are being​ followed.​

​However, for now, I want to wish you all good health. Stay safe and I very much look forward to meeting you on the fairway as soon as possible.

Your Men’s Captain,

Liam Guckian

Captain’s Profile
Q: When did you first start playing golf?
A:  Around 1985.
Q: What is your favourite course?
A: Mullingar.
Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the game of golf?
A: Getting our younger generation to start playing the game and from there to join clubs. If we do not have young people playing we won’t have members, and from there we wont’t have clubs in the future.
Q: What do you like most about golf? 
A: ​ The interaction with people, the competition, and being outdoors.
Q: What was your highest and what was your lowest handicap? 
A: Highest 24 and lowest 12.
Q: Can you remember your best golf shot? 
A: Yes My first hole in one, the 9th hole par 3 in Knockanally and I played a 5iron.
Q: Can you remember your worst golf shot? 
A: Yes all of them Too many to mention.
Q: Who is your favourite sportsperson? Why? 
A: Padraig Harrington. I love his attitude, his positive thinking, he never gives up, he never complains he thinks he can win every tournament he enters,
Q: What piece of advice would you offer anyone thinking of taking up the game of golf or just starting out? 
A: ​ Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy it. Take a lesson from a Professional as early as they can so that they get the fundamentals right.

Q:What is your favourite golfing memory? 
A: Padraig Harrington winning his first major.





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