Dress Code

The following is what is expected as dress code on the course and in the clubhouse.

     1. Singlets or sleeveless / collarless shirts are not permitted

Tennis shorts, football shorts or other sporting models are not permitted

     3. Tailored shorts are allowed on the
course and the locker rooms only.

Soft Spike footwear to be worn on the course.

     5. Soft Spikes are not permitted in the Club House except in the locker rooms.

     6. Steel spikes are not permitted on the course or in the Club House under any circumstances.
     7. Any player using steel spikes can have them removed and replaced with Soft Spikes at our Club   Professional shop before commencing play.

     8. Members should note that they are responsible for their guests adherence to these rules of dress and responsible for their guests.

      9. Dogs are not allowed on the course and in the clubhouse only under exceptional circumstances. (Guide dogs are allowed.)

By order of the Council of Co. Meath Golf Club








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